Natural, precious and everlasting

Timeless natural charm

A fine jewellery collection which immortalizes
the generosity of nature through time,
with simplicity and charm.

Our manufacturing process takes several weeks. It begins with the seasonal harvest of the leaves. Once selected, they are immersed in galvanic baths and solidified. Immortalized in their natural beauty, they become rose gold, yellow or rhodium silver jewels, unique and unrepeatable; in essence natural.

Our story

Ester Bijoux is an Italian artisan company founded in 1990 when Ester Miramonti had the idea to transform her love of nature into an innovative product. The Headquarters of Ester Bijoux is located in the Ticino Park of northern Italy, a Unesco World Heritage site characterized by a great variety of tree species. In recent years, Ester Bijoux has been able to build a solid reputation in the jewelry market both in Italy and around the world. In the 2000s the company witnessed substantial growth it was during this period that her son Paolo, joined the company as CEO. In addition, in 2021 the Ester Bijoux family expanded with the valuable collaboration of Paolo's wife, who provided her artistic verve in researching and creating new designs. The family business, as a "little acorn" specializing in creative and artistic jewelry, has developed over time establishing itself in the global market. However, it remains true to its roots and continues to provide personalized service to all its customers.


Make your memory precious


If you have keepsakes such as leaves, seeds, shells, stones ,milk teeth etc that you want to embellish and turn into a goldplated pendant, favour or ornament, please contact us for a quote! We can consider your request and will do our best to fulfill your wishes. The maximum dimensions of the item must be 20x20cm and weigh not more than 500g.

Cleaning and re-gilding


The basis of our jewellery is leaves, seeds, and flowers. Firstly they are covered with a thin layer of copper. They are then plated with precious metals: 24 kt gold, rose gold (an alloy of gold, silver and copper) or rhodium-plated silver (galvanic process that doesn't darken and maintains its brilliance unaltered). As these are natural-based and non-metallic jewellery, the plating can become dull or can discolour over time. This can occur with cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and alcohol as they attack the chrome and accelerate the oxidation of metals. Even acid or sweating can alter the colour of the jewellery. We recommend that you always keep the jewellery away from sources of direct light and protect it from dust when not worn. To clean we recommend using a clean, soft cloth. If your jewellery becomes opaque or darkened and you want to restore it to its original lustre, Ester Bijoux offers a professional cleaning, re-gilding or re-silvering service.

Check the validity of your warranty or contact us by mail or phone to know the conditions.

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