How are Esterbijoux jewels made?
Our jewelry is handmade by covering leaves, flowers, seeds and natural shells. After being collected and cleaned with care, they are immerse in copper, this has the function of protecting, making them solid. After this, they are plated with two gold and silver baths. Once the electro-deposition phase is over, the pieces are rinsed, dried and polished by hand. To find out more, an explanatory video is available illustrating all the stages of processing. link

How can I distinguish Esterbijoux leaves from the printed one?
Recognizing an Esterbijoux product, which is entirely made by hand, from a serial printed object is very simple.
Our products have a natural element (a leave, a seed, etc.), within. It will always be different from one another in terms of shape, size and details; this is what makes them unique, inimitable and easily recognizable

Do all Esterbijoux products have a natural base?
Esterbijoux specializes in covering natural elements: leaves, seeds, flowers and shells. Exclusively the seahorse, the starfish and the shamrocks are made through casts.

Every leaf is associated to a symbolic description. What is its origin?
The meaning of trees and plants has always represented in the past, an important factor in the relationship between man and nature. In ancient cultures everything revolved around the natural cycles and its elements, in particular the trees, which have always represented the cycle of life and the possibility of relating the three parts of the cosmos: the subsoil (the roots), the earth ( the trunk) and the sky (the crown). In the Celtic symbology trees have had great importance and a sacred value, as much as to create to the Celtic calendar which brings together about fifteen trees each with its own particularity and original meaning. In particular it was believed that the plant associated with a birth date would give energy and vitality to those born under the protection of its branches.

Are Esterbijoux jewels Nikel free?
Yes, both our products and all the metal components (nuns, chains, pins, etc.) are plated in gold or silver without nickel. However we do not recommend the use of our costume jewelry if suffering from a severe form of allergy.

Can I buy your jewels in a shop?
It is possible to buy our products in many shops, in Italy and abroad.
To find the one closest to you, please send an e-mail to:

Can I buy your products on this website?
This website is a showroom for our clients which are traders and shops.
If you are a private and you would like to know the e-commerce sites where you can buy our products, please send us an e-mail to:

Can I buy your products on this website?
It is possible to buy our bijoux without intermediaries exclusively during the exhibitions open to the public. To find out about public upcoming events, please check the website on the NEWS section.

Are Esterbijoux products covered by a warranty?
Our jewels are covered by warranty for manufacturing defects valid for two years from the date of purchase.
For each jewel, the guarantee consists in the document of purchase of the product itself.
The warranty does not include: the discoloration of the plating (especially if caused by the use of perfumes or detergents)
The normal consequences of wear and aging.
Any damage or breakage caused by accidental impacts.
Being products with a natural base and hand made, imperfections are not to be understood as defects: the small the asymmetry of the leaves and the normal difference in shape and size between one piece and the other, are just peculiarities of the product.

Is it possible to repair a broken or damaged leaf?
No. Since it is a natural product, is neither possible to rebuild it nor to repair it.

What metal do you use for the plating?
The leaves, seeds, flowers and shells, which are at the base of our natural bijoux, are first covered with a thin but very resistant layer of copper, then plated with precious metals: 24 kt gold, rose gold ( an alloy of gold, silver and copper) and rhodium silver (which does not darken and maintains its brilliance).

How can I take care of my jewel?
It is preferable to avoid direct contact with cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, alcohol and detergents as they attack the chrome and accelerate the oxidation of metals. It is advisable to keep the bijoux away from sources of direct light and away from dust. As for cleaning and polishing, a soft cloth can be used.

How can I contact you?
You can send, at any time, an email to or call our office at 0039.(0)331.876.002 during office hours.